Battery and moniter app


May 14, 2011
Hi all

Firstly, wow, what a great ROM!

I have 2 questions.

1. The first day that i flashed MIUI, i used it tons and the battery lasted a day and a half. But after the first couple days, i noticed much more drain, up until now, a week later, and its on 65% after 4 hours. The most battery consuming app according to battery usage is backgammon, sitting on 3%, so it doesn't seem to be an app causing the drain. Suggestions?

2. The moniter app is an AWESOME idea and much appreciated, but absolutely wrong. For instance, i use GMAIL everyday all day, and i used facebook once for about 2 minutes, but facebook is sitting on a higher download amount. Also, browser is sitting on 0mb downloaded, which makes no sense either. Why is the moniter app not working?

LOVING this ROM. I DL'd it several months ago and it was so buggy and sh1t that i reflashed something else in 15 minutes. But now, its gonna be hard to go back to boring, ugly old everything else.