New Battery drain + Ultra battery save mode deletes contacts


Jul 25, 2021
Hi. I am on a mi10 pro using the latest version of this rom and have noticed 2 issues

1: The battery drains ridiculously quickly. I dont play games with my phone or do anything particularly demanding but still my battery drains before my eyes. No apps running, nothing in the background, dark mode is on, but even something as simple as hitting the power button just to check the clock costs me 2-3% battery or unlocking my phone for at most 2 minutes to reply to a message costs me around 5%. The other night I tried a new recipe and got a little obsessed with the timing because I wanted it to turn out well, I hit the power button on my phone a few times to keep on top of it, hardly a demanding ask to just see the clock on the screen but even so the battery drained 15% in 10 minutes. I did not have this issues with the stock rom or when I tried lineage

2: Ultra battery saver mode deletes all my contacts. it has been so uncharacteristically hot here that I had to use all the sockets in my room to run multiple fans to try and sleep. I figured turning on ultra batter save mode would allow my phone to be good to go in the morning. But in the morning i noticed all my whatsapp contacts names had dissapeared, it is because the battery saver had deleted all contacts on my phone.
This was annoying and weird enough but worse yet I cannot restore them from my google backup. I can search through the apps and see "google contacts sync", it has been granted the right permissions but it shows as "never used" and there is no option anywhere to start/restart/enable the service. Also despite my phone being rooted apps like "service disabler" cant even detect that the "google contacts sync" is installed on my phone.

I have done some reading befire making this account to ask for help and the battery saver deleting data on the phone is evidently a fairly common issue unfortuantely I was not able to find a working solution in my searches.

I would appreciate any help, thank you. Also I feel I should mention english is not my first language, I had to use a translator for some sections of this so I hope it is legible and apologies if not
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