Bluetooth headset - callwaiting notification will transfer audio to phone itself


Jul 11, 2011

In 1.9.9 there was a general problem answering the call using the bluetooth headset - when you answer the call, call audio will be switched to the phone and you will need to manually select bluetooth to re-transfer it to your BT headset.

1.9.16 fixed that, but one other issue (also exist in 1.9.9) is remained - when you answered the call using BT headset, and you receive waiting call notification (somebody calling you in the same time), you will have a popup were you can answer or ignore the call. However, any option you choose (or just wait) will result in audio switched to the phone from BT and you will need manually to re-transfer it to BT headset.

Very annoying, especially when you drive...

Can anyone confirm this issue (the last one) ?

I'm experiencing the same problem. Very problematic when talking with a customer and I miss part of it because audio has been rerouted to the handset.

Nexus S 4g
Motorola H730 BT