Xiaomi Redmi 10A: I would like to replace an audio file in the operating system


Oct 22, 2023
Hi, since it is very difficult to make a free phone call recording app work on Android, I would like to use the one already included in MIUI 12.5.13 of the Xiaomi Redmi 10A, but apart from the fact that the option for WhatsApp calls is not present .. for normal phone calls it has the button that allows you to record the phone calls, but as soon as the other party answers, you hear a voice saying "this phone call will be recorded".. I don't know about other countries, but in Italy for several years the law is clear and a private individual has every right to record for personal purposes and for legal protection all audio and video that directly concern him, including telephone calls, without having to notify any other participants in conversations, including telephone ones.

In short, this audio bothers me and the option to deactivate it isn't there, but you could replace the audio file with a silent one and we're all happy, but how do I find it and replace that audio file? What could it be called? where could it be?