New Bluetooth Headset VS Car Dock

Oct 6, 2012
Moto RAZR, 2.9.21
I found that having the phone connected with car dock (original one) and with bluetooth headset, the MIUI decides to send incoming call voice through the phone speaker instead of the bluetooth headset. The headset could get the voice only if i manually choose it in the phone menu.

Bluetooth headset should have higher priority than loud speaker turning on with car dock connected.
Oct 6, 2012
try this post here to make it easier for the developers to solve the problem

thank you
I understand, but:
1. the phone is being plugged to car dock and i cannot connect adb simultaneously.
2. the problem is easily reproducible. i don't think i am alone with the car dock and bluetooth headset. The priority for voice output must just be predefined and that is not something Motorola's as priorities were working fine on the official rom.

Do i really need to get adb connected? What time do i have untill logs are overwritten?
Jul 22, 2012
logs are made on the time and destroyed at the time
that's why you need to make the problem while adb logger is connected

i'll update the tutorial soon to include adb wifi logger and this will allow you to do it while the phone in the dock
but you need to connect the phone and PC/Laptop to the same WIFI network