New Bluetooth / USB-C Sound is broken since MIUI 13.0.13 on Mi 11 Pro


Jun 16, 2021

I updated from MIUI 13.0.12 to MIUI 13.0.13. Since then, the sound is completly broken (with Bluetooth and USB-C adapters, works fine if non of it is used). I already tried different headphones / speakers. They all have the same problem on my Mi 11 Pro since the update but work just fine on my PC, notebook etc.
If I would need to describe the sound quality I would say, it sounds like the sound comes out of 2€ AliExpress headphones.
I already tried to fix it somehow with the audio settings but its pretty much impossible.

Is there a way to fix this or do I need to wait for an update? Or is there a way to go back to MIUI 13.0.12?

// Just found out how to fix it. Seems like MIUI 13.0.13 added a function called "Virtual immersive sound" and disabling it fixed the problem.
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Hello. I'm having problem with type c microphone. I'm using Mi 11 and it can't detect the mic. 3.5mm external mic working good. I try to find the "virtual immersive sound" function but can't find it. Where do I check it? Thanks