1. 8

    The size of HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE in the MIUI 13 STABLE ROM?

    Hi Developers, I am using your stable MIUI13 ROM on my K30 Pro, and it works surprisingly good, thanks for all your work. I want to use my phone to do the Amiibo emulator, I need to know the size of HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE in this ROM. Could you let me know or tell me how to check it? BR 8ar10der
  2. Behesti

    New Poco F3 bugs and missing features

    In my Poco F3 MIUI 13.0.5 stable the bluetooth won't connect paired headsets, cars etc. My pair “compatible devices settings” is on. There is no “wake up screen when notification arrives” setting like used to global miui. VoWifi symbol doesn't appear. No problem with VoLTE but why voWIFI...
  3. S

    New Mi 11 Lite Bluetooth music playback issue after reconnecting

    I recently got this phone and one of the most annoying issues so far is music playing "silently" (Bluetooth connection is established but no sound is being streamed) because the Bluetooth connection was interrupted and reestablished too quickly. Although my previous phone had no issue, this...
  4. miguelfernandes

    Is the XIAOMI Projector compatible with external Bluetooth speakers?

    Good evening everyone! I'm thinking of buying the 'Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector 120', but I'm wondering if it would be possible to connect external Bluetooth speakers to it. Every input is greatly appreciated, thank you! Best regards, Miguel Fernandes
  5. T

    New Xiaomi 11T Pro Crackles while listening to music with AAC codec

    Hi guys I have Bose Sport Earbuds that I wanted to use on the Xiaomi 11T Pro with the Bluetooth codec AAC. When I play music there, it crackles all the time. The same headphones with the same settings work on a OnePlus 7 Pro. With the codec SBC it works normally, just doesn't sound good. I...
  6. ShahzadShahab

    Can't answer Whatsapp Calls via Bluetooth (Mi11)

    Hello everyone, My Bluetooth headset works perfectly with cellular calls for answering and hanging up but that doesn't apply to WhatsApp calls. I can't answer or hang up a WhatsApp call with my Bluetooth. I am on the latest stable ROM release for Venus. I would appreciate any solutions or...
  7. R

    New bluetooth & dual whatsapp doesn't connect automatically - Mi 11 - Latest build 13.0.4

    Hi, I have upgraded to the latest version of MIui 13.0.4 on my MI 11 and noticed 2 issues below. 1. Dual whatsapp unable to download pictures or send pictures. The main whatsapp is fine, the dualapp is not working fine. I have cleared cache and internet is working fine, still unable to...
  8. V

    New Poor bluetooth audio quality during calls.

    I've a Xiaomi MI 10 Lite 5G with MIUI 12.5.1. I'm experiencing a really frustating problem. My first pair of bluetooth earbuds were doingreallybad during calls so I decided to buy new pair. But really weird thing happened. They do worked perfectly during calls and for whatever reason after few...
  9. T

    Invalid Bluetooth issue

    So I have a Redmi note 10 pro and it has always worked properly, but about a week ago I noticed the bluetooth audio wasn't as loud as it was initially. I thought it was the earphones problem but I tried connecting to a Bluetooth speaker and the audio was the same, low. And it's not just low, it...
  10. R

    Bluetooth cracking noise on right channel - works fine if I turn off/on BT once or twice.

    This has been a long standing issue, also I've been a long time rom user... But I don't think it's related to the ROM. Basically, as title describes, when I connect Bluetooth speakers (tried several different setups) there's usually a cracking noise on the right channel. The solution...
  11. L

    New Bluetooth Connectivity Problem, Poco X3 NFC to Windows 10

    So I tried to connect my X3 to my PC but it fails everytime with the notification on my phone that the pairing was unsuccesfull because of non matching PINs, on my PC it shows that the pairing was succesfull but I can't establish a connection. I already tried to turn on and off bluetooth...
  12. G

    New Mi10T not connecting as multimedia to car system

    Hi everyone, I have problem with my Mi10T connectig with my Suzuki Swift car as multimedia bluetooth, until the latest version of Android 10 i had no problems. When i connect on the slda trough bluetooth the phone is seen, but i can't play music or media, i can only do phonecalls, and this...
  13. K

    New [not a bug] POCO F3 Bluetooth headest status missing in notification bar

    When a bluetooth headest is connected, a status icon should be displayed in notification bar near the "bluetooth enabled" icon. But it is missing Hpwever, the icon is visible if I drop down the switches panel. Tested on 12.5.12 and 12.5.20 I guess it has something to do with front camera...
  14. Y

    Mi 9 SE Bluetooth poor audio dynamic

    Audio via Bluetooth from Mi 9 SE has very poor quality - it seems that volume is automatically normalized - sound has very low dynamics. Volume strongly decreases when the music goes loud and vice-versa. Definitely it's a phone problem. Connected to a Bluetooth amplifier plays the same poor way...
  15. B

    New Bluetooth issues since android 11 update

    Hello everybody, its my first thread in my life, so please be kind If i'm making any mistake :) Since I updated my Mi 10 Pro to the android version 11, I have really big issues with my bluetooth connectivity with my car. Before I updated my phone I once paired my phone with my car and everytime...
  16. C

    Mi 9 lite. Bluetooth issue since upgrade

    Since an upgrade to 12.0.5 global my Bluetooth will not connect with my car. Is there a way to roll back an install? Many thanks C
  17. D

    Bluetooth connection problem

    Hi everybody! I recently purchased a pair of JBL REFLECT MINI 2 earbuds and I am not able to connect them to my Mi10. Although the earphones are in pairing mode, they don't appear in the available Bluetooth devices list. The same happens with my Mi9. It's important to mention that there is no...
  18. Ian Moone

    [Poco X3 NFC] Bluetooth Animation

    Hi I don't know if this was posted before, but I didn't find anything. I updated my Poco X3 NFC to the 12.0.6 EU version, and when connecting my air Bluetooth earphones the connection animation takes a long time to show up or does not show up at all. Do you know if there is a solution for this...
  19. H

    Need help with airpods.

    I have a redmi 5 plus and when I try to use my gen 1 airpods the volume is very low. Even at max. You don't really hear any volume until about 40%. When I connect them to my iPad they are nearly 2x louder at max so I'm assuming the issue lies within my phone. I've tried turning on disable...
  20. W

    New Mi 10 - 20.9.17 - Starting route on google maps crashes bluetooth audio

    Starting with version 20.9.04. When the phone is connected to my car via Bluetooth, starting a google maps route, or connecting android Auto, makes the bluetooth audio start to stutter. This stuttering keeps happening until the phone is restarted. Problem may be related to audio mixing, since...