1. AndreOliveira

    New Redmi Buds 4 Active FastPair HyperOS 1.0 no internet signal

    There is a bug in HyperOS, when connecting the Redmi Buds 4 Activate the internet network it does not work but Redmi Note 12 4G dispositivo TAPAS another bluetooth headset that does not have Google Fast Pair technology works well, without giving the bug, plus those that have Fast Pair like the...
  2. W

    Instable Bluetooth connection.

    Hey folks. I purchased the 13 Pro 2 months ago and since then there is a issue with my bluetooth connection. It breaks the connection and connect again at radom times while I'm using my Jbl headphones. It happens in my car too and with other devices like the JBL box. I didn't drop it or caused...
  3. LeBiotic

    [Feature Request] Toggle Dolby Atmos when Bluetooth is connected

    I understand that the point of isn't to add custom features but I currently rock the Xiaomi 13 where the speakers are horrendous when dolby atmos isn't on with a custom EQ setting, however when listening to music through my headphones or speakers I don't want a muddy bass boosted mess...
  4. C

    Invalid Poco F4 GT (Redmi K50 Gaming) not in Deep Sleep when Bluetooth is on

    The same problem that in Necro-posting is not allowed, but problem is not resolved. On official Global ROM that problem is not exists. After updating bluetooth driver - problem is not fixed. MIUI
  5. V

    TWRP Disabeling wireless interface.

    Hi. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G stable rom. When i tried to flash the unofficial veux/peux TWRP it made my wireless interfaces not working (WIFI, cellular data, bluetooth etc.) Does anyone know why this happened? Thanks is advance.
  6. M

    Mi Door and window Sensor 2 not connecting to gateway

    I recently bought a new mi Door and window Sensor 2 and set it up as prescribed at the user manual, however, for some reason it cannot connect to my mi smart home hub 2, I even tried getting it off the wall and putting it closer to the hub but nothing. Can anyone help me through this?
  7. Cuby3212

    New Bluetooth sound and lag issue

    Recently, I bought a pair of headphones, and when I connect them to my mobile phone's Bluetooth, everything seems fine. However, when I try to play audio or video, there is no sound on headphones (but there's sound in the screen recorder?), and my entire phone lags. Any solutions? This has...
  8. S

    Invalid Bluetooth bug

    Suddenly no audio at all when mobile is connected via bluetooth to another device and videos play really laggy.Absolute volume in settings seem to flash repeatedly even when its turned off or on. Tried everything from simply unpairing to changing BT settings or resetting bluetooth cache and...
  9. A

    New Bluetooth app crashing since Miui 14 update

    Hello, I recently updated my Redmi Note 11 to the latest MIUI version, and my Bluetooth does not work since then. I am met with a "Bluetooth keeps crashing" screen at startup, in the control center it hangs on "Turning on", and in the settings the slider turns blue but nothing else happens. The...
  10. L

    USB Tethering

    Hi there, I use bluetooth tethering for updating my navigation. But MIUI always turns off my bluetooth tethering. Is there a way to acitvate bluetooth tethering so it wouldnt be shut down?
  11. abaycan

    Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12.5 Bluetooth Keeps Stop

    Hello, I'm using "MIUI EU 12.5.4 global Android 11" ROM on my "Xiaomi" brand "Redmi Note 8" device, I installed Ryzen kernel thinking that maybe the device will charge better in long use. Installation completed successfully. But I started to get the error that the bluetooth constantly stops, I...
  12. ibart123

    Bluetooth keep crashing

    I don't know if I messed up or what but I am unable to turn the Bluetooth on. java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get provider android.database.sqlite.SQLiteCantOpenDatabaseException: Cannot open database...
  13. 8

    The size of HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE in the MIUI 13 STABLE ROM?

    Hi Developers, I am using your stable MIUI13 ROM on my K30 Pro, and it works surprisingly good, thanks for all your work. I want to use my phone to do the Amiibo emulator, I need to know the size of HID_DEV_MTU_SIZE in this ROM. Could you let me know or tell me how to check it? BR 8ar10der
  14. Behesti

    New Poco F3 bugs and missing features

    In my Poco F3 MIUI 13.0.5 stable the bluetooth won't connect paired headsets, cars etc. My pair “compatible devices settings” is on. There is no “wake up screen when notification arrives” setting like used to global miui. VoWifi symbol doesn't appear. No problem with VoLTE but why voWIFI...
  15. S

    New Mi 11 Lite Bluetooth music playback issue after reconnecting

    I recently got this phone and one of the most annoying issues so far is music playing "silently" (Bluetooth connection is established but no sound is being streamed) because the Bluetooth connection was interrupted and reestablished too quickly. Although my previous phone had no issue, this...
  16. miguelfernandes

    Is the XIAOMI Projector compatible with external Bluetooth speakers?

    Good evening everyone! I'm thinking of buying the 'Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector 120', but I'm wondering if it would be possible to connect external Bluetooth speakers to it. Every input is greatly appreciated, thank you! Best regards, Miguel Fernandes
  17. T

    New Xiaomi 11T Pro Crackles while listening to music with AAC codec

    Hi guys I have Bose Sport Earbuds that I wanted to use on the Xiaomi 11T Pro with the Bluetooth codec AAC. When I play music there, it crackles all the time. The same headphones with the same settings work on a OnePlus 7 Pro. With the codec SBC it works normally, just doesn't sound good. I...
  18. IamShazzy

    Can't answer Whatsapp Calls via Bluetooth (Mi11)

    Hello everyone, My Bluetooth headset works perfectly with cellular calls for answering and hanging up but that doesn't apply to WhatsApp calls. I can't answer or hang up a WhatsApp call with my Bluetooth. I am on the latest stable ROM release for Venus. I would appreciate any solutions or...
  19. R

    New bluetooth & dual whatsapp doesn't connect automatically - Mi 11 - Latest build 13.0.4

    Hi, I have upgraded to the latest version of MIui 13.0.4 on my MI 11 and noticed 2 issues below. 1. Dual whatsapp unable to download pictures or send pictures. The main whatsapp is fine, the dualapp is not working fine. I have cleared cache and internet is working fine, still unable to...
  20. V

    New Poor bluetooth audio quality during calls.

    I've a Xiaomi MI 10 Lite 5G with MIUI 12.5.1. I'm experiencing a really frustating problem. My first pair of bluetooth earbuds were doingreallybad during calls so I decided to buy new pair. But really weird thing happened. They do worked perfectly during calls and for whatever reason after few...