1. B

    New Bluetooth issues since android 11 update

    Hello everybody, its my first thread in my life, so please be kind If i'm making any mistake :) Since I updated my Mi 10 Pro to the android version 11, I have really big issues with my bluetooth connectivity with my car. Before I updated my phone I once paired my phone with my car and everytime...
  2. C

    Mi 9 lite. Bluetooth issue since upgrade

    Since an upgrade to 12.0.5 global my Bluetooth will not connect with my car. Is there a way to roll back an install? Many thanks C
  3. D

    Bluetooth connection problem

    Hi everybody! I recently purchased a pair of JBL REFLECT MINI 2 earbuds and I am not able to connect them to my Mi10. Although the earphones are in pairing mode, they don't appear in the available Bluetooth devices list. The same happens with my Mi9. It's important to mention that there is no...
  4. Ian Moone

    New [Poco X3 NFC] Bluetooth Animation

    Hi I don't know if this was posted before, but I didn't find anything. I updated my Poco X3 NFC to the 12.0.6 EU version, and when connecting my air Bluetooth earphones the connection animation takes a long time to show up or does not show up at all. Do you know if there is a solution for this...
  5. H

    Need help with airpods.

    I have a redmi 5 plus and when I try to use my gen 1 airpods the volume is very low. Even at max. You don't really hear any volume until about 40%. When I connect them to my iPad they are nearly 2x louder at max so I'm assuming the issue lies within my phone. I've tried turning on disable...
  6. W

    New Mi 10 - 20.9.17 - Starting route on google maps crashes bluetooth audio

    Starting with version 20.9.04. When the phone is connected to my car via Bluetooth, starting a google maps route, or connecting android Auto, makes the bluetooth audio start to stutter. This stuttering keeps happening until the phone is restarted. Problem may be related to audio mixing, since...
  7. I

    Mi 10 Pro Bluetooth issues

    I am on the Mi 10 Pro Stable 11.0.18.QJACNXM. I did a clean install but I am having a problem with Bluetooth. I think it's because of the smart watch. (I have to test it further). I have the Huawei GT2 I have calling switched off. Today I forgot to wear it for a couple of hours and phone seemed...
  8. D

    New Bluetooth volume

    Hi, i am on the stable version on mi 10 pro ( 11.0.16) The bug that i encounter is like this : - i connect Bluetooth headsets which have touch controls on them ( includes volume up , down, google, next song / previous etc ) - when i turn the volume from the device works on the headsets so the...
  9. E

    Bluetooth Remote Doesn't Pair with the Projector

    Hi all. I have an issue with my projector received a few days ago. This is an ultra-short throw Xiaomi 150" projector with a Bluetooth remote controller. The first step to set up the projector is pairing the remote with the projector. There is a very simple instruction for that, put the...
  10. zoomclub

    New After disconnecting with bluetooth headset - no audio in regular voice speaker

    Hey, I connected my Redmi 5 Note to the plantronics headset, and everything worked. The problem is that I disconnect the handset and I can't hear anything on the phone (during a normal conversation at the ear), only the sound works through the phone's speaker (like a speakerphone) I turned the...
  11. w0rmed

    Bluetooth problem with Galaxy Watch

    Hello, I have problem with my Watch on Global Stable, Android 10. The watch is connected to the phone, but app notifications don't work. Only call notification works. Before, I got the same problem with custom Android 10 ROM's. Android 9 was working fine. Anyone got a solution, or...
  12. L

    [Request] Unimportant notifications folder and bluetooth visibility fix

    Hi everyone. I’d like to ask if it’s possible to implement the unimportant notifications folder on the notification shade in this ROM, the way is implemented in the Chinese one. This is especially useful for permanent notifications of running apps. My second request is to fix the constant...
  13. T

    New [whyred] No sound with bluetooth earphones

    Hi, when I connect my bluetooth earphones, there is no sound. The only way to "fix" that is changing the bluetooth codec in developer options to another one and changing again to the previous one. This bug happens in the last weekly.
  14. mkytr

    New Mi 5S clearing Cache&Data for Bluetooth Makes it Unusable

    Hello I have MIUI by 11.0.2 Stable on my Xiaomi Mi 5S device. I have a bluetooth headset which supports aptX connection and my device has a bluetooth connection problem with this headset (even on the Global Stable version of the MIUI). Audio starts to stutter and music becomes...
  15. Echo2124

    New [MI 9 Lite/MI CC9] Serious bluetooth issues

    Hello there, I am currently on version 9.12.26 ( beta for pyxis. There is an issue where the bluetooth is completely messed up. When I attempt to connect any of my bluetooth headsets, the connect for a few seconds then bluetooth turns off then it turns back on and my headset...
  16. ekonstadoudakis

    Invalid Unlock with bluetooth device in Mi 8, ROM 9.12.19, not working

    With the latest rom 9.12.19, unlock with bluetooth device is not working in mi 8. I cannot delete already paired devices not can add new one, as it sees them, starts searching but they don't communicate to pair.
  17. limb0ist

    Ruined Bluetooth

    After updating to Android Q and MIUI 11, my Bluetooth started behaving weirdly. I even went a great long way to downgrade my phone back to Android 9 but still no avail. My Bluetooth forgets my last paired device (keeps asking for password of my car's bluetooth everytime I shut the engine down)...
  18. limb0ist

    New Clearing cache disconnects bluetooth

    When clearing the cache/closing all apps with the push of the button, my Mi Band 4 gets disconnected. I have to re open Mi Fit app, wait until it pairs together and that's when my band will connect. Also when I turn of the bluetooth and turn it back on, I have to manually open the app once again...
  19. I

    Invalid Android Wear connection problem

    I just installed the rom on my Mi Note 10 and I am very happy so far. Unfortunately since the installation I cannot get my Fossil Gen5 Android Wear watch to pair. The Wear OS app sees the watch and initializes the pairing, but when i tap on "pair" at the bluetooth code confiomation nothing...
  20. O

    New [] [Pocophone F1] Bluetooth volume

    Changing volume with buttons on wireless headphones doesn't change system media volume, so for example if I wanted to listen at 50% volume I'd have to set that value both with my headphones and my phone. For now the only way to use Bluetooth headphones is to set volume on headphones on 100%...