Invalid Bluetooth works randomly - pocoF3


Apr 24, 2022
Hey there,

I have search all over this forum and others and still having issues with bluetooth on my pocoF3
miui version - EU 13.0.5 stable
karnel version - 4.19.113

Bluetooth works randomly, most of the time it just doesn't turn on.
I have tried to clean cache, ad2p, switch codecs, factory reset and even re-install global miui again and still no solution for this problem.

Maybe its a hardware problem but in that case why sometimes bluetooth works fine until it just disconnects for another few days?
Everything else works fine and this rom is much better then original one.

Screen record attached for more information.


Forgive my for my English, its not my native language.
Hope you can help me.

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
Hi Igor and thanks for quick reply.
This problem started since I install miui eu so maybe you, as a developer, have another solution.
You just said that flashing the Global ROM didn't solve it, then it has nothing to do with our ROM.
And I develop high-level features, not low-level drivers.
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