Bootanimation Question. Help needed

Nov 30, 2010
I have a question about making boot animations, and I need it resolved by tonight.

Whenever I make a bootanimation and flash it, all that I see is a black screen. Any ideas?

My has part0 and the desc.txt file. In part0 I have about 20 jpeg images. All of them are 480x800. Once again, I need this finished by tonight. So please help.
What operating system are you using? Did you zip the file without compression (store)? Have you checked if there was any hidden files in the folder before zipping? What were your settings inside the desc.txt?
I am using MIUI 11.26 for the incredible. My desc.txt says

480 800 25
p 0 0 part 0

Can the images be jpeg or do they have to be png?

I will try to zip at store. One sec.