Bootloader error code 03


Jan 19, 2022
Hello - I really hope someone can help me.

This is what I did, I did not use Tool software, I did it through fastboot commands as my Mi Pad 2 is not recognised by my PC on the normal mode:

I unlocked the bootloader (in fastboot mode) using the command "fastboot oem unlock" - successfully

I managed to install TWRP and rooted the device successfully

However, I got the bootloader error 03

At first it allowed me to access the TWRP screen and also boot up to normally

But now it shows me the error code and only allowes me to got the fastboot mode, I cannot access TWRP nor does the tablet boots to normal mode

I can't even turn off the tablet it keeps looping

Is there a way that I can go back to undo all this and go back to the normal mode with the bootloader re locked again please?

If so, please let me know the step by step instructions?