[bug report] Charging LED on Motorola Defy 2.4.20 (actual final version)


Jul 14, 2011
Hello and congratulation to the developers for this nothing less than amazing OS! I have been using sice last june on my Defy, LG 2X, HTC HD2, Milestone with terrific results!

I have noticed a malfunction of the LED (on Defy, not tested on others phones actually).

The carghing led doesn't works anymore.

Before the last updates, the carging procedure, both from phone swithed on or off, works perfectly, showing charging progressive colors: red, than white, and green at the end.

Now it's completely disabled.

Also, the LED funcion has become much unreliable.

Missing blinkin led notice are now very very frequent.

I mean SMS, call, email (k9), jabber (xabber) and any app that requests led usage. I do not usa e third party led managing app. I consider that MIUI can manage led itself, as you know.

Before the latest MIUI updates, the LED function was just perfect in any conditions.

I use a Motorola Defy MB525 with MIUI 2.3.23 actually.

The bug start (and never disapper) from an update of the last february. I do not remember exactly the date, but I can find out making some downgrade test, if you want.

Ad disposal for testing.

Kind regards.

Raffaele from Italy.
If you can tell us which version was working and which version broke it we can do some investigation into this issue for you.
Thank you very much for your kind reply. It's always an honour to keep in touch with developers.

Afrer long downgrade tests I certainly establish that the described bug starts from MIUI 2.3.2 and it still persists.

So I confirm that the last well working version was MIUI 2.2.24.

At disposal for testing.

Thank you one more time for your interest.

Kind regards.

As I mentioned, at least on Defy and MIUI with Italian Language Pack, the bug starts from 2.3.2.

In any case, it persists on actual 2.3.23.
Just to let developer know that the bug I mentioned in this thread still persist on MIUI-2.4.13 (italian version, don't know others).

I hope developers thake kare of it, especially because the developing on that phones seems at the end.
The final edition should be the best of the series! ;-)

Kind regards.
Just to let delevopers know that the bug still persist on the final version MIUI-2.4.20. :confused: