Invalid Bugs in Mi 9t in weekly 21.3.10 - No lockscreen fingerprint icon, wrong brand shown in bootup, lockscreen wallpaper bug


Mar 5, 2021
After updating my phone earlier today, the fingerprint icon in the lockscreen is missing and together with that its animation doesn't show either, to fix my problem I had to enable the setting that show fingerprint icon when the screen is off, without enabling that, fingerprint isn't showing on the lockscreen. Before updating to the latest eu weekly, this wasn't a problem. Also in the boot screen it says Redmi and I have a Mi phone not Redmi, lastly after the phone boots up in the lockscreen after turning it on after shutdown or reboot the wallpaper that shows in my lockscreen has a bug where the wallpaper in my homescreen is shown instead of the wallpaper I set on my lockscreen. That's all for now..

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
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Oct 6, 2016
Our ROM for Mi 9T is based on China ROM for Redmi K20, hence the logo.
If you insist on having the Mi logo instead, fetch logo.img from the latest fastboot Global ROM for Mi 9T and flash it with fastboot:
fastboot flash logo logo.img
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