New Lockscreen wallpaper bug, and temporary calls fix

Vincent Foxx

Jan 2, 2021
Found a temporary fix for incoming calls not working unless you turn on speaker mode on, and off. I replaced the mics but it was a waste of money and time (i repair phones, tablets, and laptops)
First remove the option on always answering phone calls with speaker mode. (just search speaker on settings search it's the one named switch to speaker automatically)
After that answer a call with turning on the speaker on, and off after that the bug will dissappear, now you can answer, and make calls normally.

unfortunately you have to do this on every reboot of your phone, (answer the first call with speaker on, and off, after that you're good) it's annoying but it's a temporary fix

And last bug i found was the lockscreen dynamic wallpaper stopping after a few unlocks, it just acts like a static wallpaper, you have to re apply the dynamic wallpaper to play on
your lockscreen again (sometimes the wallpaper stops playing after a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. this is issue was never fixed from previous builds)

redmi note 11 pro g 13.0.13