Buzzing irritation - how can I switch it off ?

Phil K

Feb 28, 2012
Every ten minutes or so, my phones buzzes twice. Why I don't know. The sound is as if the vibration is switched on, and in silent mode and someone is sending me a message, or whatever.
Only no-one is.
Just every ten minutes.
I had been wondering why my battery is draining so fast - this Miui is drinking battery. It needs charged every day, whereas before Miui my LG Optimus 2x's battery life would be 3 days minimum
I just can't find whats causing it.
First I knew something was odd was when the touch buttons on the bottom of the screen would come on and fade repeatedly when the phone was not being used. Thats stopped, but the buzzing is worse.
Whats causing it, FGS ?
Its driving me batty.