Call recording


Aug 5, 2022
I have a redmi note 9 pro MIUI Global (version 12.0.3).
In my dial app, I have a record button that I can click only after the conversion has started (the other side has answered), but after a couple of seconds, I get a message that the recording failed and I can't find any recording in the app.
Is there any option to make this work without installing eu version? I don't care about automatic recording just want it to work manually.
It is not a problem on the global ROM, I just asking if there is a way to make the recording work like in the eu ROM
I guess we don't understand each other. Sometimes you talk like that and sometimes the other way around.
I don't know what you really want. ROM:
Call recording can be activated manually or automatically.
When recording is activated, the counterparty is not informed about the recording.

If you want it to work like in ROM. You can install ROM or Indonesia ROM.
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