camera glass lens

Dec 27, 2012
Hi there, my camera lens got loose aswell. I think it's some sort of issue with these phones? I don't think you can buy a new one, unfortunately :(.. I glued mine back on after I found it. Kinda sad that the quality is that low.
Nov 28, 2013
I bumped into a table corner with my MI2s. The glass covering the back camera sensor shattered. I removed the pieces of broken glass and luckily the camera still works. However, the images aren't as sharp as before. It seems the camera can't focus properly.

Does anyone know where this piece of glass can be ordered? If I could get hold of one, simply gluing it into place would solve my problem.

In the meantime, the hole is covered by some tape to prevent further damaging.

Foto op 28-11-13 om 15.56.jpg
Foto op 28-11-13 om 15.56.jpg