Can someone please explain this one to me?!

Nov 8, 2012
I was very displeased with my telephone today. I was in the car and needed a number for a business, and when I tried to access Google using the default MIUI browser, all I got was a blank page with a bit of Chinese at the top. I finally somehow managed to Google the business, but the result was in Chinese!! I get home, I do the same search in the same browser, everything is perfectly in English! Then I switch from wifi to 3G and repeat the search..... it's in Chinese again! What the ---?? How is it even technically possible that the MIUI browser defaults to Chinese only when on the 3G data? And how do I prevent this from happening again?!
Nov 8, 2012
There is no "Set your search engine" in browser settings of the MIUI browser (MIUI GB), far as I can determine. Also, I had already set "" as my homepage. Even if there were such a setting, that doesn't explain why it searches and gives error pages in Chinese only when on 3G, and English when on wifi?! Who can explain this one to me?! Anyone? Hello? Bueller? Anyone?

ingbrzy Multilang leader
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Feb 11, 2012
Your network location is not working correctly and set you in china... Flash gapps and it should be ok.. btw. What are you doing on MIUI GB..?? You should upgrade asap.. How you want from us to fix bugs in old MIUI...?
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Oct 7, 2012
It looks like you're stick to the Xiaomi stock ROM, which has all the location services and framework tied up to work properly inside the Chinese market.

1) Upgrade, man, Ice Cream Sandwich for Mi-1 have been out there for moooooonths already (there's a Jelly in beta state even). 2) Use a custom ROM, like the one released by or some other MIUI forums. 3) Flash Google apps from this forum (or get them from wherever you want to). 4) Emmm... that's it, very easy must say...