New Cannot edit screen lock settings on Xiaomi 12, for brand new phone


Oct 29, 2023
Hi, received a new Xiaomi 12 phone, and tried to set it up but noticed two issues:
1. The screen lock settings are not accessible (ie. greyed out), and I cannot change any of the screen lock options (password, fingerprint etc)
2. Enterprise mode is activated (I did not request this, and am conscious someone could be tracking my phone usage).

Weirdly I can set up screen lock when first going thorough the initial Google setup routine, but once this is done, I cannot access these items in the Settings menu to make any subsequent changes.

I have had numerous Xiaomi phones before, and never experienced this issue.
Have I received a Corporate phone that is already registered to an Enterprise, hence why some settings are inaccessible?
How do I get these restrictions removed?
Many thanks in advance.