Can't flash TWRP


Dec 26, 2018
I have a Mi 11 Pro, have successfully installed the fastboot version of the stable MIUI 13 build, but I can't get it to boot TWRP. I've tried several versions of TWRP, including [BOOT]3.6.2_12-Mi11Ultra-Mi11Pro_v6.3_A12-star-skkk_122188d9.img but I always get the unrecognized command boot error.

What am I doing wrong?

Holy crap, answered my own question, eventually.

For anyone else struggling, I was rebooting to fastboot using ADB. This brings up FASTBOOT in blue. I tried rebooting using power and vol - and it brings up FASTBOOT in a bigger font in brown. Then it works. I've never seen this before but I assume there is also an A & B fastboot image.
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