Can't install on USB storage... etc...

Mar 25, 2012
Is this error gone on the last version from today ? If not, its a fixable error ?

The only, ONLY reason im not on this MIUI is this error...

I got a sgs2, so 2 external memories, and i cant disable the external internal memory.

The version im using, doesnt have this error...

I think its based on a Cyanogen version, i donno for sure...

But would be awesome if it could be fix, so i can go back to this version of MIUI....
Mar 17, 2012
I have the same problem with MIUI + SGS2 for about a month or so. I had to flash another kernel to get it working normally.

You can use MIUI and flash another kernel after MIUI is installed (must be done after every full install of MIUI until problem is solved).