Can't update MiUi


Jul 26, 2022

I have a problem with my Redmi Note 8 Pro MiUi Version.
Its stuck on 12.0.5 (global).

I tried to reinstall 12.0.5 (global). Reinstalling worked, but it still shows no available updates.
I tried to install to latest 12.5.8 (global).
I tried to install to latest 12.5.7 (EEA).
I tried to install only to update one step 12.0.6 (global).
I got them from and also tried the Mi Downloader...

The latest versions report the same error when trying to install manually, something along the lines of:
"not allowed to flash"

If i try to install 12.0.6 it says:
Can't verify package. Try to install via USB.
(doesnt matter where i download it from offical repo or Mi Downloader App)

How can i update my phone :(?
Can someone point me to how to update via USB?