Can't use some widgets in other launchers/apps?

Jun 18, 2011
I downloaded Quickdesk today, because I wanted to control my music but not through the homescreen. If you don't know about Quickdesk: it is an multitask app, which brings up a screen when you double tap the home button. In that screen you can see recent apps, as well as widgets and apps that you want.

So I wanted to use Quickdesk with the 4x4 music widget that comes with MIUI, but it didn't show up in the list! Only the 4x1 widget did! The same goes for the search widget, it also didn't show up.

I've had this problem before with homescreen replacements like Go Launcher Ex. Any ideas?


MIUI Android Staff
Nov 19, 2010
No, just as ZeroBarrier said... the widgets are built into the launcher so if you change launcher you can't use them.