Charging LED needs a toggle

Apr 8, 2013
So I have finally started really using my M2S, but the charging led is bugging the hell out of me at night. The phone lays next to my pillow at night and I'm used to have the phone in the charger when I sleep so I have it juiced up when I wake up. But this constant pulsating light next to me is very annoying.

I wish it were possible for the charging led to stop pulsing when the phone is fully charged or be able to disable the charging led. I'd prefer the first option if it were possible, because the led is actually handy when it's charging, but when the battery is topped off your job is done little led, so please stahp >_<

It probably doesn't benefit the led's mean time between failure hours too and I wouldn't want the little thing to die an early death :|


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Aug 20, 2011
No. There's no way to turn off pulsing LED when charging in stock MIUI functions. You can try to use some 3rd party apps from Google Play.
But.. to be honest.. Its weirdest thing I've read from people using MI2. Maybe just face your phone down (display side down) or just try to get better sleep?
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Apr 8, 2013
I know it's not possible to turn it off through stock functions, this was more of a "i wish it were possible" thread and who knows, maybe one day it will actually be possible ^^

Putting the phone face-down is not a real solution either, because having this thing pulsating 8 hours a night will eat away at it's mtbf hours, or am i wrong?

Edit: Or maybe I really am just being retarded, but to everyone their own weird traits and annoyances, right ;p

Edit2: I actually think that the idea of having the thing stop blinking when fully charged isn't such a bad idea :oops:
May 11, 2013
I'm not sure since I don't owe a M2 yet, but you can try using scripts in SManager (with root permission)
For turning off the light:
chmod 644 /sys/class/leds/green/brightness
echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/green/brightness
chmod 444 /sys/class/leds/green/brightness
And for making it behave as usual:
chmod 644 /sys/class/leds/green/brightness
Probably you'll need to change something in the script, look for the correct file using a file explorer. (maybe you'll need to change the "green" for something else)