[Fixed] Xiaomi Pro 13 on Nuwa 14.0.28 eu rom stable - google play problems


Mar 6, 2023
Hello everyone, first post here. I plugged in the phone to charge before sleeping last night and restarted the phone for the heck of it. When I woke up, all seemingly is well except some apps feel corrupted. Firefox and chrome cant connect to the internet. Some system apps/settings load into a blank screen. Calls/messages work. On some game and messenger apps, works fine.

I was wondering if I can try reflashing the current ROM using the "fast boot update" or backup and reset the phone. I was hoping there was an update to Nuwa and flash an update but it isnt out yet. Please help, any suggestions?

Thank you all in advance.

Edit: Ive resetted the wifi/bluetooth/mobile settings and still no go

Edit2: found this and its fixed now, cant believe 1 stupid file can cause so much chaos

Edit 3: custom ringtones and notifications were still not working
fixed: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads...te-breaking-system-on-venus.70157/post-703015
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