China Stable MIUI 9 Fastboot and Recovery ROM ( for Mi Max 3! :)

Jul 9, 2016


Sep 2, 2018
I am in trouble. I got the Mi Max 3 with 128gb and the global fake rom. I just flash the phone with miflash and rom here provided. I follow the instructions and flash reportet successfully. After reboot i can do absolute nothing. See the pics. Its dead now ?


Feb 9, 2013
By the way,

Here is the latest China Stable MIUI 9 Fastboot and Recovery ROM ( for Mi Max 3! :)

EU may want to cook it now! We are just short of a twrp for Mi Max 3 to flash it! :(

Recovery ROM: http://******

Fastboot ROM: http://******

Hi I have a 128/6 Max 3 phone I flashed the following via TWRP,
1st xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMAX3_8.9.6_v10-8.1, which did not work i.e. gave error "encryption failed" with only a Reset button, that would lead back to TWRP, Reflashing did not change much.
2nd I flashed miui_MIMAX3Global_V9.6.6.0.OEDMIFD_091e94a919_8.1 with pretty much the same results, it loops between a "starting screen" and "black screen of death", so It's a non functional device now.

Question - Can I flash the above "fastboot" ROM via Mi Flash - would that brick my phone due to anti roll back? Do I need to wait for bigger numbers in file name for "fastboot rom with recovery" Thanks,
Sep 2, 2018
Did you "format data" within TWRP or just do a full wipe before flashing 8.9.6 "Encryption failed" errors are usually fixed with "format data". That will of course remove the 8.8.9 .zip file from your device so that before you can flash it you must connect to your desktop computer with a usb cable and copy it from desktop to device using file manager within TWRP. Worth a try. At this point it can't hurt.
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Feb 9, 2013
I had formatted Dalvik, cache and data from the TWRP, after that I had installed the ROM from the SD card.

I am thinking my next best course of action would be to try the latest EU Rom, put it on the SD card from the computer and Flash it from TWRP

Do you know if Mi flash program can be used to flash it from the computer using the above ROM, and will it brick the device?