Help on Redmi 4 China Rom to Global ROM


Nov 8, 2023
Hi all,

I've this model inutilized, I've been thinking to gift to some nephew.
The problem is that I have the China Rom, so I would like to install the Global rom first and then gift it.
I've already unlocked the bootloder, under Mi status it is written "the device is unlocked".
I've Installed some twrp recovery images that i found in this forum and online, but it seems no one is working.
Here are some commands I've performed:
.\fastboot.exe devices c09c1a827d03 fastboot .\fastboot.exe flash recovery .\twrp.img Warning: skip copying recovery image avb footer (recovery partition size: 0, recovery image size: 20217856). Sending 'recovery' (19744 KB) OKAY [ 0.615s] Writing 'recovery' OKAY [ 0.556s] Finished. Total time: 1.296s .\fastboot.exe boot .\twrp.img Sending 'boot.img' (19744 KB) OKAY [ 0.573s] Booting FAILED (remote: 'dtb not found') fastboot: error: Command failed

It seems I have downloaded the wrong version of TWRP, but from what i found online it seems none is working.
I have a Redmi 4 on MIUI stable

I do not understand how to troubleshoot or to fix that issue, I've tried multiple twrp images

Could someone help me? I am willing to provide with more info
Thanks in advance