Chinese when changing PIN password


Oct 23, 2011
OK, I've posted this issue in other forums and have had no responses what so ever. So I'm hoping my cries can be heard here on this forum.

If you have a PIN password *on* and go into Settings > Personal Password... You will be presented with a number pad and some Chinese characters above it. This is a simple issue that should be easy to fix and should had been fixed a long time ago, yet it has gone unnoticed for a long time...

I've attached a screen shot of what I'm talking about.


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bump... Just wondering, how can I contact the MIUI team directly with this translation issue?
This is actually a bug on your side, not MIUI's. I haven't seen that error in ages and I can see in the translation files that there's no Chinese characters left over either. I can't reproduce this on my phone either.

Update to the most recent MIUI version, 1.10.28, set the Locale to English (US/UK whatever) and then reboot. Should be gone.

If it's already set to English UK/US, change it to something else and then back to English US/UK to force a reload, then reboot.
Tried all of that, even updated to the most recent MIUI update as of 11/4/11. It is still there. Are you using a Samsung Vibrant and made sure to follow my steps exactly to recreate the issue? Because everytime, no matter what, it's there...