CM10.2 based (LOPS, MK4.3, CM10.2 etc) wake problem

Sep 21, 2012
Please help

All CM10.2 based ROMs for Xiaomi M2 have waking up problem.
Phone does not turns screen on immediately when waking by power button.
It appears touch screen stars responding not immediately, but faster that screen is on too.
On low CPU/RAM/app load waking up by power button is immediate
On medium load screen is turned on after a 1-4 seconds delay, touch screen responds immediately and user can unlock phone with swipe before screen is on.
On high load neither touch, neither screen are not responding. Sometimes user should press power button few times to finally wake phone.

Reboot and cleaning caches delays problem re-appearing a bit.

The problem is NOT reproduced on pure AOSP 4.3 build from
The problem is NOT reproduced on CM10.1 based ROMs
Problem is reproduced on recent MoKee4.3, CM10.2, LOSP 3.9.22 ROMS and on recent Paranoid ROM.

Problem is confirmed by multiple users of Xiaomi M2S 32GB

Please, confirm if you have it and tell phone model
Also if you are aware where to report it, please help
Feb 11, 2013
I´m having that issue with Mokee. It´s a great rom, but that inconvenient itches me everytime. I´ve read it´s called DeadLock but i couldnt find a solution.
Is anyone of you having problems when installing apps from unknown sources with 4.3 roms?
May 29, 2011
as soon as the sources are released(it's official now) i can fix camera in my kernel and they can use my source to fix these stupid bugs :p
Sep 7, 2013
Because Ivan does not update his aosp as soon as he release a newer version kernel . maybe this issue comes with the newer version aosp . I will try Ivan 's latest aosp.
Sep 7, 2013
No, this issue applies to very long list of firmwares, starting early september, possibly earlier too
I just test the latest version aosp ivan released . It has the issue . The problem absolutely comes with the newer kernel .
You can conform it by flashing the aosp 3.9.27.
Sep 21, 2012
it won't be fixed during The National Day Holiday of China
What is your reason for telling us this second time? China is on vacation. So what? We stop reporting and discussing? Problem started in early September or earlier anyway - far before holidays.
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