New - why is it running?

David Tr

May 24, 2012
I'm just looking on the SGS2, seeing running apps minimizing memory usage for battery purposes. Why would this .apk be running? Should it be something stripped from MIUIandroid's build?

While we're at it, another auto-running service:

I don't have any VPN's setup, why is it running by default?
Doing a quick search in Titanium, the only "baidu" match is "NetworkLocationProvider 1.0". Sounds like they're hooking into Location tracking services, is this being fed to baidu? Is this china tracking location of all phones? :( Looking in Monitor app, I see: NetworkLocationProvider having 10.3KB of data transfer in traffic stats.
I think I found my answer:

The new NetworkLocationProvider switches location services to use baidu instead of google.

Using titanium Freezing NetworkLocationProvider and putting the old "Network Location Provider 1.1.08" works fine with my testing on 2.7.13.

I hope that miuiandroid looks closely into the status of this Network Location Provider Change, and puts us back into the google fold. I trust google, I don't trust baidu.