Connectivity issues

May 20, 2013
Dear XiaoMi brothers and sisters,

Since I the implemented the 3.6.7 update, I am having some connectivity
issues when my phone switches from wifi to the cellular data network. I looks like as if am normally
connected but no data comes or goes... I have to turn off and back on data in order to fix the problem...
I think they should check it...
Mar 20, 2013
Not problem for me, but it seems to be some software (actually ROM) problem. If there is nobody else experiencing this problem, I would try to flash it.

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Feb 20, 2013
I have the Wifi bug back, not seen yours in don't think but I may have assumed it was ds battery saver playing up so I'll have a proper look today
Feb 20, 2013
I've come to the conclusion that this wifi problem has only come back since i flashed an old radio - to fix the poor sound quality problem i had.

in short i either have a phone that can make good calls or i have one that connects to wifi reliably, not both.

I've reached a somewhat depressing conclusion with this,

i am unable to recommend this phone/rom to any friends/colleaugues apart from the ones who relish having to permanently tinker with stuff.
much as i hate iPhone,they do actually work as designed(not that I'm gonna get one but the Mrs was in the frame to get a mi2, but to be frank she'd hate all this!)

I'm not saying I'm not prepared to tinker and put up with the mi2, but mainstream usage with ease of use - this isn't!

However, this forum is worth its weight in gold, without it I'd have never even tried this phone.
I'm grateful to miuiuk.....