New Contacts & Email Problem

Jul 6, 2012
Mi-One C1
Ver 2.10.26
Hi folks, don't know if this is me or a bug but here goes, please help
I have 3 contacts with the same email addy but different names. Lets call them Carl, Carl & Jo and Jo. I want to send an email so as I see it I have 2 options.
1/ Open contacts >select lets say Carl >click on email addy >Select Compose and Jo comes up in the address bar not Carl
When I try Carl & Jo the same thing happens, Jo's entry goes in the address bar. Selecting Jo is ok, that gives me Jo.
2/ Open Email >Select New (+). Start to type Ca and I get a list with Carl in it as well as Caroline, Jeff, MBNA credit Card but no Carl & Jo
When I type Jo I Get Carl and Caroline but no Jo
To get Carl & Jo I type the full name and up it comes.
Hope this makes sense and is it a problem or is it me. I've looked through the settings but can't see anything untoward.

This only happens when using one email addy and different names, otherwise all is ok. This can be replicated using any 3 names and the same email address for them all. I used Amber, Bethan and Amber & Bethan. The same thing happened.
Hope you can help
Best regards