New Contacts Sync (Google)

Apr 11, 2012
Lately I have realised that when I add new numbers to my contact list the fone no longer asks wether I want to save It as a fone only contact or I want it to be synced n saved on google contacts...
so I just presumed that everything was getting saved n synced with google contacts....
and then I had to format ma fone cause of the hanging and the bootloop shyte.. n baaahhh... I lost all ma new contacts... :(
am missing some setting somewhere.. cause If I remember .. earlier there used to be a option in contacts settings where I had to just hit on sync now.. n now I have to go to accounts n google n then click on sync now.. which again isn't seem to be working.... :( :( :(

aah yes m on the SGS2 n miui version 3.6.7