control mi 8 SE from PC, crashed screen (please move to mi 8 subforum, sorry)


Apr 8, 2019
Hi, my mi 8 SE just fell from my car´s rooftop while driving.

google find device helped me to find it, thanks for that.

The device is still working, alarms still sound and I was able to connect it to PC and make a full copy of / directory.

now I´m a bit curious and want to get a step further in order to make shareme trqansfer all the setups to my new device, is there any way (I don´t know if debugging options are enabled, though I think they´re not) to cast the screen to PC in order to make it vissible?

I´ve connected in recover mode cause typing adb devices it shows a number and recovery as answer, but I was unable to mount any dir, couse error messages where shown when tried.

hope to see any fix, maybe a good idea for xiaomi is to offer any option in these cases, cause seems lots of people have same issue, as google results shows :emoji_smiley:

thanks in advance