Couldn't Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi 13

You keep sending those messages, but you understand that nobody at Xiaomi will read them here ?
I have sent email to Xiaomi Support Center. Plus, we can't flash EU ROM in a locked device. I think you know what I mean...
Hello everyone!!!
There's a new Update of the Mi Account App!
It said that many Bugs are solved!
Has anyone tried to unlock after the new update?
Thanks in advance!!!


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I tried to unlock my Renoir & a friend's phone (POCO X3 Pro) with ours EU Accounts: The same issue!!!
Keep your US Account!!!
The new update doesn't solve the problem!!!
@OberZine Ok! In the past, Xiaomi blocked our phones, if they were unlocked with another account.
Are you sure? I don't think so. I haven't experienced anything like it in 10 years. I have routinely unlocked phones with my account for other users and never had a problem. (you must not enable device search./ if you enable it, you must log out the account from the device after unlocking the bootloader)

You can only unlock one device per month with one account.
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Yes, I'm sure. It happens to my old Mi4c after an update (2016).
I have unlocked my daughter's Mi8 with my account but I've never used MIUI in this phone after that, only AOSP (PEX+).
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Found a work around - I am now having to wait the 168 hours !

  1. Make a Mi account through Google and set the region to US - it's important to set the region to US... EU gave me the rebind error
  2. Add the Mi account to your phone (settings -> Mi Account)
  3. Set the recovery phone on your Mi account and verify the phone number.
  4. Make sure you have OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging enabled
  5. Go to Mi Unlock status -> add account (make sure you're on data)
  6. In your PC download the latest Mi Unlock Tool (click on the gear icon and check for updates + download if there are any)
  7. In the same gear menu check for USB Drivers and install them
  8. Log into the same Mi account in the Unlock tool
  9. Enter Fastboot on your phone
  10. Unlock (it may prompt you to wait 168 hours, but after that you should be able to unlock)
I'm stuck on the recovery phone number part. It just isn't sending a code to my number. I have tried through the web browser and also through the phone itself. Im on the latest mui 14 stable rom. Phone is mi 11 venus. I have even done a factory reset no luck. The code just doesn't come through. Normal sms work fine so i know there's nothing wrong with my app. Im from UK btw if it that helps. Account region is set to us. I made a new account and deleted the old one through xiaomi account site.

Previously I was having the same issue as OP. Any help as to what I can do next?
I tried with new us account but my wait time is now 1368 hours anyone idea? I tried with my original account from switzerland and after 600hours wait time it reset to 531 hours .


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hello.also for me worked on poco f5 account with US.bind same number from other accound but the phone number deleted from the other wait to unlock 168 hours
Creating a new account on and setting region to US then binding the same number to the new account has now gotten me a step further :D

Just gotta wait 168 hours to unlock, (I hope with no errors)
Hi, for me, it's not worked only to create a new account with US, I have to check something else? i have to use VPN if i'm not in the US?

thanks are ok.
just wait 162 hours to unlock
Hi, with the actual US account it shows this :
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and with the original account (Chinese region) was the same.

Do you think it will be change after 162 hours? because it shows Please add your account.... message.

Thank you for your reply @SISPANAGHS