1. A

    Gpay on unlocked bootloader mi8 / cc9

    I have both phones with the same software - unlocked bootloaders, .eu weekly ROM, TWRP installed. No root or magisk modules installed. On cc9 i am not able to activate wireless payments - my phone is not secured. Contacted support and they said it`s because of the unlocked bootloader. Then i...
  2. R

    Bootloader unlock

    hello mi9t can't see my device on my computer fastboot qualcomm and adb drivers installed
  3. limb0ist

    Assigning SIM card to another account

    I bought another Mi 9 for a family member of mine. I inadvertently assigned that phone's SIM card to my own Mi account. So now, I cannot unlock the phone as I get the "Cannot use the same SIM on more than one account" error. Is there a way to remove the sim card assignment from my MI account...
  4. B

    Is OEM unlocking is untick after flash Xiaomi eu?

    I have unlocked my K20 pro and then i start to flash TWRP recovery and firmware. Before the flash operation, I have checked inside both developer option and through fastboot command and see bootloader is unlocked. After flash xiaomi eu firmware, i check inside developer option and...
  5. S

    Unlock bootloader without sim

    Hi everyone, as the title says, can i unlock bootloader without the sim card? I am using the mi pad 4 plus as secondary laptop or for media entertainment. So i do not even use the sim option i only use wifi or hotspot from my phone
  6. S

    Unlock bootloader without sim

    Hi everyone, as the title says, can i unlock bootloader without the sim card? I am using the mi pad 4 plus as secondary laptop or for media entertainment. So i do not even use the sim option i only use wifi or hotspot from my phone
  7. D

    Unlock bootlader for Redmi Note 7

    I recently bought a Chinese version of the Redmi Note 7 and I wanted to flash the Global ROM on it. While I was trying to unlock with the Mi Unlock tool, I logged in with my Mi account but i kept gettin this message " Account application area query failed' please what should I do? Please.
  8. O

    Re-Locking Bootloader is being impossible

    So, I have a Mi8 with the "official Global Stable ROM" and the "MI-Recovery 3.0", but I have the Bootloader locked. OEM is enabled, and I have tried several methods. Mi Flash Tool is working when I select "clean all" option, it flashes normally and works. But whenever I try to lock the...
  9. G

    change from global version to eu

    Hello I have a redmi 5 plus and I have never unlocked bootloader, nor made any flashing and I would like to know what I lose if I change from the global miui version to miui eu, I mean google services, updates? What I have to do to make the change from global miui to miui eu. could the backup of...
  10. A

    I receive my Mi8 Today have dilemma

    I want to know what do you suggest me, I bought my Xiaomi Mi8 from a website in China and the device ofc with china rom and close bootloader, I heard about the new policy of Xiaomi about that the devices will not be able to burn China version in global rom. I'm a little bit afraid to get...
  11. Z

    Bootloader international version

    Can I relock bootloader after install on international version?
  12. J

    [Mi 8 SE] Problem Unlocking Bootloader on the Chinese ROM

    Hi, My Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Chinese ROM arrived today, I'm french and I do not read mandarin at all. After comparing with videos showing the english version, I managed to: Connect to my Mi account Get into developper mode Switch on OEM unlock bootloader Switch on USB debugging Click on Mi Unlock...
  13. T

    Unlock Bootloader Of Multiplex Device With Same Mi Account

    I would like to know if it is possible to unlock the bootloader of another device, with an account that I have already used to unlock my phone. To unlock the bootloader of the new phone I have to redo the request to Xiaomi or no need?
  14. Arguuo

    Paylib With

    Hello, is there some french guys using Paylib solution for NFC Payments with a ROM here ? I wonder if it works when the bootloader is unlocked. I saw in features : SafetyNet passed (Android Pay) But what about other solutions than Android Pay ? :rolleyes:
  15. peroni

    Redmi 4x, Flashing, Re-locking Bootloader And Missing Forum Section

    On my Redmi 4x, could I install MIUI9 EU version without unlocking the bootloader like I did for global MIUI9? If not, could I relock the bootloader after installing MIUI9 EU? Also, why is there no forum section for Redmi 4x (Santoni)? Seems like a very popular device in Europe given it has band 20
  16. M

    Question: How To Check If I Have Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi fellas! I recently ordered Mi5s from *******: http://www.*******.com/cell-phones/pp_471491.html Can someone explain how I check if it got an unlocked bootloader when it arrives? Also, what exactly is the unlocked bootloader? As I understand it I need the bootloader to be unlocked for...
  17. S

    How To Flash .eu Rom On My Redmi Pro With Fake Rom Via Ubuntu (linux)

    Hey guys, I own a redmi pro with a fake stable global rom. I would like to have an official rom. I only use the English language in my phone and need google apps. I understand that China Dev rom would be an oke choice. But also i understand that for an .EU rom you first need to get a China Dev...
  18. I

    Redmi Note 4 Fastboot Mode Not Working Properly

    hai so i just bought this phone, and long story short, the fastboot mode (volume down+power) will only display for about 10 seconds and then it will reboots itself into charging mode. doesn't matter if i use the key, or even use adb commands to get there. it will still reboot itself in short...
  19. N

    Flashed Weekly, Locked Bootloader?

    As the title says, I just flashed the weekly ROM after wiping System / dalvik cache. And my bootloader is locked again, so I can't root or install TWRP. I only installed the ROM, but I also wanted to root the phone, which I am unable to do now. Should I not have wiped system to keep unlocked...
  20. K

    Unlimited Problems With Kenzo

    I think Xiaomi hates me. They totally do :( But let's start from the beginning... Seven month ago, I bought a Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime 32 GB from *******. As I didn't know the differences between the Shop ROM and the Official ROM, I was running the GB-ROM for about seven months. In this time, I...