Cricut - additional fonts


Dec 17, 2022
Hey Guys, i am Not Sure If i am Here in the correct Forum for sucha question.
(And sorry for my english....)

My wife got a Xiaomi pad 5 for her Plotter (a cricut).

I have a huge Problem to her custom Roms Info the Design Slave App (needed for the Plotter).

There are several fonts installed on the Pad (but i couldnt Change the System-font in the Menü?!).

I have learned that i could Download different fonts and Install them (with the miui Themen App).
But(!!): The Downloaded and installed fonts is only Set aus system-font.

I dont wanna Change the System-font. I Just wanna Install a custom Font in the right folder.
In the cricut App (Design space) are several fonts from the System are listed.
How can i add some fonts in the folder? Which folder ist it?


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