New Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra - Unable to change font


Dec 5, 2023
Hello, this is my first post but I've been using the Xiaomi EU ROM for a while so thank you for this resource. Some details:

Phone: Mi 11 Ultra
ROM: Stable

My issue is that I am unable to change the font from default. The option is there via the Themes app or via Wallpaper and Personalisation as it should be. However, when I seek to change the app my phone goes through the performance of applying it but the font does not change and it reverts back to default.

I've actually had this problem since the Stable version before this one (not including all the rebuilds to resolve our GPay issue), but the font was stuck at a font I had selected before. I did a clean install as part of the GPay rebuilds hoping to fix it but it is now stuck in default instead. Again, everything was working normally 2 stable updates ago.

Is there anything I may be able to do or might this be something that can be fixed in the next applicable update?