Invalid Dark mode doesn't show all apps (Mi 10 Lite 5 G, MIUI 12.1.5, Android 11)

May 4, 2021
First time poster - Hi Everyone,

I tried today the Dark mode feature on my Mi 10 Lite 5 G (MIUI 12.1.5, Android 11).
I noticed that the installed application "World Geography" doesn't work well in dark mode.
So I wanted to turn it off for this specific app, but it doesn't show up in "Display">"More Dark mode options">"Individual apps".
All other installed apps (around 50) show up.
I read some "workarounds" with enabling airplane-mode and opening another app in "split screen" but nothing does work for me.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
I really like the Dark mode and it would be bad if I can't use it at all, just because one app is not functioning well with it.