Data sync stops working


Jun 8, 2011
I have an interesting issue that has persisted across upgrades and clean installs.

I have found the issue manifest in two ways. First, I use the standard email app to get my work email off an Exchange 2007 server via OWA. Occasionally it stops downloading email, and no amount of refreshing and restarting the app gets it to work again. Second, automatic updating of the apps stops working also. I won't get notified that any apps have pending updates, and apps sets to automatically update don't update.

Oddly, however, I can download new apps from the market fine, and browsing the web also works fine. The only way to get those two items working again is to reboot the phone. After a reboot, the email apps downloads all my email fine and I usually get notified of a bunch of apps that need updates or are being updated. Everything works fine for a couple of hours, then I usually have to reboot again.

I began with MIUI 1.4 and the issue didn't seem to be present. Then I did an in place upgrade to 1.5.20 and the issue started, another in place upgrade to 1.5.27 and the issue was still there. I recently did a clean install of 1.6.17 (factory reset) and I still have the issue.

Any advice is welcome.

Using a D1 with MIUI 1.6.17 with lang pack 1b
I forgot to mention that Gmail data sync never stops working through all this