deleting my phones contacts ?


Nov 26, 2010

i don't want to have the same contacts on my phone and on my gmail account.

usually when i install a rom on my desire, i stop the contacts synchro just after setting up.

If a synchro of the contact has been made, i delete all my google contacts.

Then i import my phones contact from the sd card.

On my miui installation, he synchronised my contacts from my google account when i installed the rom.

I am looking for a way to delete all the contacts on the phone before importing from the sdcard. and i don't find anyway to delete several or all my contacts in one action.

How can i do that ??

i don't want to delete 300 contacts one by one !!!

Thank you.

Also if you have a good way that my desire synchro my google agenda and picassa without synchronising me contacts. Please tell me.

Thank you again.
I think its very funny that no one mentioned that problem, or answered you. i am facing same issue. But i'm stuck with 1000 contacts. And wondering if i have do a factory reset to simply erase my contacts!!!
No one answers this thread because of it's irrelevance.

Why backup and import your contacts from sdcard/sim if you can sync your contacts to Google once and never have to worry about them ever again?

Seriously, neither you nor the OP ever wondered why the heck you would need/want to import contacts the old fashioned way when you can sync them and forget about it? And if you're going to say "Well, what if I change to a non-android phone?", then you obviously forgot that you can export your contacts from Google "if" and "when" you cross that bridge.

So go ahead and sync your contacts, spent a few minutes on Gmail - Contacts finding duplicates/merging the ones you need, call it a day and go on your merry way.