New Desire Z bugs


Nov 14, 2012
Device: HTC Desire Z
ROM: MIUI 2.11.9 (4.0.4) with language pack (czech)
Launcher: latest Go Launcher

1) landscape in SMS doesn't work (very unconfortable to write sms on hw keyboard with no landscape)
2) wifi thetering probably works (I don't know the password, so I can't connect), but when I try to configure it, it FC's
3) locker very laggy and sometimes takes few seconds to load itself
4) phone info says CPU: 1GHz, but device has 800MHz cpu - does it mean that it is overclocked or just wrong info?
5) dialer doesn't search for contacts with czech diacritic (for i.e.: š,č,ř,á,... I can provide you with complete list of czech letters, if you want) - this worked on gingerbread miui. Is this possible to fix this please? Because in our country most names has letters with diacritic in them, so dialer can't find most of my contacts

BTW: I'm very thankful that you continue developing roms for this not very common device, great work, thank you