Desperate need of help. mi 11 ultra not detected on fastboot mode .


Mar 9, 2022

I am running into a very stressing issue with my newly purchsed MI 11 Ultra.

The phone came with the Chinese ROM to which I wanted to change it to Xiaomi EU ROM. I enabled OEM and Debugging on the developer settings as well as device unlock with my sim running on data. The problem I am having is that when I go into fastboot, the phone does not get detected at all, not a sound or unknown device apearing on device manager. I installed the required drivers and when I open mi unlock, nothing shows up there either.

The weired thing is that this only happens in fastboot mode, when I have powered the phone normally, it does get detected as it should and works perfectly.

I would appreciate some help because I have spent few days searching for answers but nothing seems to be relevant to my issue.

Many thanks
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