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    Jan 29, 2016
    Q:What color does Xiaomi Mi5 have?
    A:Mi 5 (32GB, 64GB) has Black,White and Gold. Mi 5 Pro (128GB)
    Version only has Black.
    Q:Does Xiaomi Mi5 support dual cards dual standby?
    A:Support all netwok 4G+ / 4G / 3G / 2G, Dual Nano-SIM slots,any
    slot can be set as the main card.
    Q:What's the resolution of Xiaomi Mi5?
    A:It's 1080 x 1920.
    Q:What's the type of charging port on Xiaomi Mi5?
    A:Xiaomi Mi5 has a USB Type-C changing port which has no plug
    Q:What's the price of Xiaomi Mi5?
    A:Mi 5 (32GB) 1999 Yuan, Mi 5 (64GB) 2299 Yuan, Mi 5 Pro
    (128GB) 2699 Yuan.
    Q:When can we buy Xiaomi Mi5?
    A:On the March 1st,we can buy Xiaomi Mi5 from and
    Mi homes in China.
    Q:What're the differences between each version?
    A:As follows:
    Mi 5 (32GB)
    Snapdragon820 Max Frequency 1.8GHz,Adreno 530
    GPU 510MHz,3GB LPDDR4 1333MHz
    Dual Channel,32GB ROM UFS2.0
    Mi 5 (64GB)
    Snapdragon820 Max Frequency 2.15GHz,Adreno 530
    GPU 624MHz,3GB LPDDR4 1866MHz
    Dual Channel,64GB ROM UFS2.0
    Mi 5 Pro
    Snapdragon820 Max Frequency 2.15GHz,Adreno 530
    GPU 624MHz,4GB LPDDR4 1866MHz
    Dual Channel,128GB ROM UFS2.0
    Q:What's the weight of Xiaomi Mi5?
    A: Mi 5 (32GB, 64GB) is about 129g, Mi 5 Pro (128GB) is about
    Q:Does Xiaomi Mi5 support external memory card?
    A:No, it doesn't.
    Q: Will the Mi 5 bootloader be locked?
    A: The answer is Yes. For obvious reason(s), this is to protect your
    device data security and protection.This is done to better
    incorporate with "Mi Cloud" services to "locate your device", in the
    unfortunate event if you lose your Mi 5. If you wish to unlock your
    bootloader, there is an available 'Mi Unlock' app available here.
    *However, we do not advise and encourage you to do so. So Please
    proceed at your own risk, and you are hold responsible for your
    own device.
    Q: What's the front protection glass Mi 5 used?
    A: According to the Chineses official site of Xiaomi , Mi5 has used
    Corning Goriila Glass as the front protection.
    Q: Is Xiaomi Mi 5 waterproof or water resistant?
    A: No, the Mi 5 is not waterproof, so please don't throw it into the
    Q:Does Mi 5 has HiFi DAC?
    A:No, it doesn't come with built-in HiFi DAC.
    Q:Does Mi 5 has capacitive buttons and with light?
    A:Yes, Mi 5 has two cap buttons and both has backlight.
    Q:Does Mi 5 has an IR blaster?
    A:Yes, it has an IR sensor.
    Q:Does Mi 5 has a notification LED?
    A:Yes, Mi 5 has an notify LED on the left of the voice speaker.
    Q:When will the Mi 5 be available in India?
    A:Yes, It was offcially announced by Mr. Hugo during the Redmi
    Note 3 launch in India. Please check this thread for more details.
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