device locked i need some help


Feb 12, 2021
Hello, Im having specific problem with my current device (MI8 pro). Due to some problems with my phone i wiped data from device. Now when I try to enter it asks me to enter MI password linked to my old account.
Problem with this is, account was connected to some old gmail, which is deleted 2 years ago and phone number wasnt linked to MI account.
Now Im wondering is there any solution for this?
I have proofs that device is mine, picture of box, order number, purchase proof,can tell any info regarding device which is needed.
I tried to contact support but they are always redirecting me to recovery page, which is useless for me since that email doesnt exist anymore and I cant continue recovery.
I have no idea how to fix this and i really want my phone back.


Jul 22, 2020
You need Xiaomi support. No one on the forum can provide a workaround. But if the email is deleted just register it again.
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