Dialer bug when working with hebrew interface

Jan 7, 2015

I recently bought a Redmi Note and found that there is a bug on the Phone dialer when setting the system interface to hebrew.
Because hebrew is a RTL language, somebody at xiaomi thought that they should reverse numbers also: when in phone dialer, one sees the numbers on the dialpad exactly like in english interface. The problem is that, when one presses number 1 then 3 is dialed and when pressing number 3 then 1 is dialed and so on.
I would like to pass this message to the developers of the system. Can somebody help with this?
I have updated the phone to the last firmware available OTA.

Thank you in advance,
Jun 18, 2014
First install wsm ... Search for my post
After that install app setting in wsm
Activate it and reboot
Search for phone app in app setting and set the english as the locale for that app

And you'r done

أرسلت من SM-G900F الخاص بي باستخدام تاباتوك
Jan 7, 2015
Thank you for the answer, only today I saw it. What is wsm?
I have to make a correction to my post. The problem appears not when dialing a number, but when the call is answered and one reaches to an automatic answering system requiring to use the dialpad in order to choose one of the options. It is then, after pressing the button to show the dialpad, when the problem appears. That is why I think that this is a problem of firmware and installing an other app would not help.

All other apps using hebrew are ok.
But anyway, what is wsm?

The phone is not mine, so I won't be able to test anything until sunday.

Thank you in advance for your time,