Dialer with acr on XIaomi POCO X5 5G


Jun 14, 2023

on the rom post I found that the stable MIUI 14 support XIAOMI POCO X5 5G phone

What i don't understand is whether if it is based on the global rom, then after installation will it support the automatic call recording or not?
For me this is the key reason to perform all the actions, therefore any help will be gold for me.
I'm withholding my decision to buy the phone based on that.


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All xiaomi.eu ROMs have MIUI dialer and automatic call recording. For you as a user, it is irrelevant whether the ROM is built on Global or Chinese ROM.
@gogocar62 If he had continued reading the 1st post including "Our ROMs features (what's not in Global):", this question would have been answered.
well actually this might be misleading as GLOBAL is also mentioned in the base rom. So of course I was expecting this answer from

gogocar62 (and am very grateful for it), there is no info whether the base rom makes any difference on the release.

Therefore maybe this might be an issue you can address in order to avoid this questions from users like myself.

Yet, once again - thank you for your work, effort and patience in answering questions like this. :D