Differences between JHDMIBF30.0 and lcsh92_wet_jb9_WCDMA_34.0.0 regarding theme access

Jul 26, 2013
Me and my friend has just got our Redmi Note WCDMA. We then take different ways regarding ROM. He stick to official releases while I use multilingual one from this site. Everything looks similar, with little differences here and there. But, when it comes to Themes app, the difference is noticable. The official ROM has access to a lot of english named themes, with no Mi Credit required. The multilingual one from here only has access to chinese named themes, and they are separated into paid (with Mi Credit) and Free themes. I wonder what's the logic behind this...
Sep 3, 2014
So, I'm wonder too for similar! By me it is the same as U! So...Why I cant find themes, wish my friends with Global ROM using and installing?