Diting stuck on fastboot after TWRP 3.7.1


May 27, 2013
Hello dear reader
I wanted to update my 12T Pro's recovery from within the recovery itself , phone was on TWRP 3.7.0 and running hyper os weekly. After I choose flash image option from the recovery , I chose the img file and selected boot and marked flash on both partiotions if not mistaken , then I hit reboot to recovery again. since then and the phone got stuck on fastboot even with trying the commands in the pinned thread by @Igor Eisberg Here . Hopefully someone could aid me to unstuck the phone from fastboot ASAP...
Thank you for your help in advance!
You did everything wrong.
Try to install ROM using fastboot method.

If in the future you want to update TWRP via recovery, follow the picture.


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Proves how newb I am , Thanks a lot. so the method Igor posted is obselete now? how should I install TWRP ?
to unstuck I flashed offcial hyper os eu rom and planning to use xiaomi eu bat command to install custom rom again. is that correct ?