[Droid X] does anyone know what causes the random factory resets?


Oct 3, 2011
I was using MIUI 1.10.21 without problems all last week, and today I went to shut it off, and it randomly did a factory reset. I had a backup, but it wasn't working so I ended up SBFing back to GB and then coming back to MIUI. Luckily my backup worked, so I got everything back to normal.

I tried rebooting a few times with no issues. What I did during restoring my backups was I'd restore a few things at a time, reboot, and see if it was any issue. When all of my backups worked fine, I rebooted, and was fine...so I did a few other things on my phone, rebooted, and once again came out fine. Does anyone know for sure what causes the random factory resets so I can avoid them in the future? It's very aggravating when it happens...