Dycript password twrp poco x3 pro


Jul 25, 2021
Hi i used eu rom on my new phone poco x3 pro i installed eu without any problem after that i rooted my device then i installed wrong Magisk majour so my device went to bootloop then i wiped data to solve it and everything is ok until now so when i boot to system i couldn't access my data and when i check it on the twrp and my data was locked and i see the password of my lock screen isn't same as twrp password now i can't access any of my data and twrp couldn't format data or etc. I used twrp by Nebrassy in the xda.
What should i do ?
Please help me i don't know what i should do.


Oct 3, 2019

I don't know why you wipped your data partition because you could just uninstall Magisk via TWRP...

You can try to boot in fastboot and use fastboot format cache command then fastboot format userdata command.

Reboot your device after that.

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